Legal Areas of Practice

Focusing on client relationships, providing large scale legal services and expertise.

Corporate Law

For select clients we offer certain Corporate and Business/Commercial Law services.

Civil Litigation

We offer client focused boutique small and large scale civil litigation services. 

Employment/Labour Law

Our law firm in Victoria provides expertise on a full range of employment and labour law matters.

Human Rights Law

Our clients rely on our human rights lawyer team to provide effective advice on Human Rights matters.

Corporate Law

At Sheik Law, our corporate lawyers offer certain Corporate and Business Law services such as BC company incorporations, extra-provincial registrations, sole-proprietorship registrations, professional corporation incorporations, shareholder agreements, tax-deferred rollovers, corporate restructuring, dissolutions, and more.

Civil Litigation 

We offer client focused boutique small and large scale civil litigation services. Resolving a client’s civil dispute may include negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and when necessary, as a last resort, trial. Our goal is to resolve clients’ civil disputes in the best, most cost-effective manor.
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Located in historic Victoria, British Columbia, we believe that as lawyers and agents of the court we have an ethical and moral obligation to practice law for the betterment of society. We want to make justice accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or education. Our law firm takes a collaborative approach to our client relationships, working together with each individual to find innovative, cost-effective, and multi-faceted legal solutions on both, small and large scale.
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Employment/Labour Law

Our firm provides expertise on a full range of employment legal services and employment labour law matters, including employment contracts, human resources policies, performance management, pension and benefits, workplace discrimination and harassment, and more. We represent clients on every level of employment issues such as employers, employees, non-union and union workers.
Wrongful dismissal claims
Bullying and harassment issues
Constructive dismissal claims
Workplace sexual harassment claims
Long term disability matters
Severance reviews and
Contract reviews

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Human Rights

Our clients rely on the strategic insights and national scope of our team to provide practical, effective advice on Human Rights matters. We possess the skill, experience and diligence needed to pursue and defend human rights claims with care and attention.

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