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Ready to help you handle any questions about Corporate Law

When you're looking for a professional who can guide you through the legal system, our team is ready to help you handle any questions about corporate law. We offer a number of services designed to help ensure that you're able to launch and maintain your company effectively. Here at Sheikh Legal, we understand that you want to focus on making your business the best it can be. That's why we're ready to help you with everything from company registrations and partnerships to preparing shareholders' agreements.

Our services include:

  • Incorporations and Registrations of joint ventures, corporations, societies and partnerships
  • Preparation of company articles, shareholders’ agreements and partnership agreements
  • Purchase and sale of business and business assets
  • Completing annual corporate filings
  • Reorganizations, amalgamations, continuances, restorations, dissolutions
  • Changes of authorized and issued share capital
  • Reserving/Changing the corporation name, and preparing and filing the necessary documents
  • Obtaining a corporate seal, and opening the minute book
  • Preparing registers and a reporting booklet to the clients
  • Sec.85 Tax Transfers to Holding Companies
  • Board Governance advice /dispute resolution
  • Board Corporate Compliance Audits

An experienced legal team can help navigate any corporate legal questions you may have and guide you through business reorganizations, amalgamations, continuances, restorations, and dissolutions. Whether you need help obtaining a corporate seal or need advice with changes of authorized and issued share capital, the right corporate law office can answer all of your questions and point you in the right direction for moving forward.

Corporate Law

For select clients we offer certain Corporate and Business Law services.

Civil Litigation

We offer client focused boutique small and large scale civil litigation services. 

Employment/Labour Law

Our firm provides expertise on a full range of employment and labour law matters.

Human Rights Law

Our clients rely on our team to provide effective advice on Human Rights matters.

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